Cannabinoids are the most vital nutrient in the human body. They are receptor molecules that communicate with our internal systems and ensure they are in proper working conditions. For example, CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory because of its ability to work within the endocannabinoid system clearing any abnormalities in the body.  In addition, CBD stops unnecessary activity in the brain because it supplies the endocannabinoid system the tools to effectively stop excessive electrical activity in the neurons reducing overall hyperactivity of the human body

It’s extremely essential to supply the body with the cannabinoids or the organic nutrition in fruits and vegetables that allow the body to produce them endogenously (inside our body). We have gone through million years of evolution consuming these fruits and vegetables and Thus, they have become engraved in our DNA. This allows our body to be systematically synchronized and work in a “homeostatic” which means in a balanced and synchronised order.

However due to our current way of life, we are not getting these building blocks that our body needs to build its own cannabinoids, and our health has been suffering ever since. Fortunately cannabis has many of the cannabinoids we lack daily and have been a great way to reintroduce these molecules back into our bodies. This allows many diseases that have lingered due to their absence to start disappearing again and our body to properly function the way it normally should.