Video: Scientific Medical Proof That THC/CBD (Cannabis) Can Cure Cancers And Stop Seizures

From the video….

“We need more study, but let me tell ya, I met a girl with almost the exact same situation, something known as Dravet Syndrome. It’s a girl that was having 300 seizures a week, she’s know down to three or four a month because of medical cannabis. Keep in mind she was on lots of different anti-seizure medications, seven of them at one time, and none of them really worked for her. If you look at about 41 kids now around the nation with Dravet’s, all of them have had some improvement with medical cannabis. Several of them, the majority of them I would say, have been able to get off all of their other medications…. Keep in mind, for years, even a hundred years ago, we knew medical cannabis could have an impact on convulsive disorders, the very thing Vivian and Charlotte have.”

Dr. Sanjay Gupta – Chief Medical Correspondent

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