Refund / Cancellation Policy

Directions and Conditions for refund:

  • There will be a $20 restocking fee for all refunds.
  • The customer must call or email Hempopathic (1-561-853-8091 or and receive authorization before returning any merchandise.
  • The customer must contact Hempopathic and ship the merchandise within 30 days from the date that the product was ordered.
  • The customer is responsible for the return shipping costs.
  • We will accept unopened, unused, and undamaged products only. Products that have a broken seal, have been damaged or tampered with, or have been used are not acceptable for returns.
  • Products returned that do not meet these requirements will not be refunded, and the packages will be discarded.
  • Hempopathic, LLC, reserves the right to deny a refund for the following reason(s): 1) A customer orders our products without properly reading over our website to make sure they knew what they were ordering, 2) A customer that is unwilling to work with a Hempopathic employee, owner, or similiar with making the product work for them (such as dosage amounts, times of use, conditions, etc), or 3) A customer that claims the product is not as labeled despite proof of otherwise.

Cancellation Policy
Conditions for Cancellations:

  • Orders must be cancelled before the product is shipped [usually one (1) business day] to receive a refund.
  • If the customer cancels the order after the product is shipped, the package must be returned before a refund is given.
  • As per our Refund Policy, if the product is open, used, or tampered with, we are not required to authorize a refund.
  • There may be up to a thirty (30) day hold on refunds with checks or e-checks. Customers who pay with checks or e-checks will not be issued a refund until their original payment (check or e-check) has cleared.