Marijuana Law Reform on the Rise for Upcoming Year 2016

Marijuana support is growing across the Nation, let’s take a look at the recent activity.

Ohio may have recently voted against recreational marijuana use, but it appears that plenty of other states are willing to embrace the marijuana industry. While Colorado, Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Washington D.C. enjoy marijuana legally, that number could soon nearly triple. That’s because nine states from all over the nation are vying to legalize marijuana as early as next year.

California has already raised enough support to get legalization placed on the ballot, and Arizona, Maine, Michigan, Massachusetts and Missouri are all rallying for signatures so that they may do the same. Although Vermont and Rhode Island are considering marijuana legalization, it is ultimately up to state legislators from that state to decide instead of by way of popular vote.

Nevada will be the first state to vote on legalization in 2016, a fact known since March of this year. That was when residents petitioned lawmakers with enough signatures to force them to hold a hearing. They ended the meeting without voting, which under state law means that the issue will be on the ballot early next year.

Florida is looking to legalize marijuana for medicinal use, but not recreationally.

Though popular opinion may not be a clear indicator as to whether marijuana will be legalized or not, a recent state-by-state poll showed the majority of residents in nearly all nine of the states contemplating marijuana legalization supported such a change. Of the nine states in question, the two who showed the lowest amount of support were Maine and Missouri. Of almost 1,000 adults asked in Maine, 48% thought that marijuana should be legalized. 45% of 500 likely voters in Missouri favored legal marijuana.

The poll shows a generally progressive national outlook on marijuana law reformation that transpires all regional bias. Although the South may be thought of as conservative in its morals and values, Texas favored the legalization of marijuana at nearly 60%. The lowest state approval in the whole nation, however, is Tennessee with 32%. Kentucky comes in second at 38%.

Some speculate that California’s vote holds the most weight. They were the first state to approve of medical marijuana back in 1996. If they pass to legalize marijuana, therefore, many proponents of reform predict that it will serve as a powerful and symbolic precedent that will encourage other states to do the same.

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