Recent science shows Terpenes are the building blocks of the Endocannabinoid system, providing a wide variety of therapeutic effects. Terpenes are natural aromatic compounds of any plant. They give any fruit, flower, or vegetable, its distinct “aroma”. They are also known as the essential oil or “essence” of the plant because they contain all of the plants healing properties., and even potentiating the effects of “cannabinoids” such as CBD and THC. Hempopathic products exceed expectations in the most effective delivery of terpenes to CBD.

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The Endocannabinoid system, recently discovered  in the 1990’s has been found to be the most involved system in maintaining human health. By eating plant based foods, such as fruits and vegetables, we provide our body with the Terpenes and all other building blocks it needs to create “endocannabinoids”, which ensure all bodily functions are working homeostatically. Hempopathic products are developed to compliment and potentiate the bodies natural response.

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Cannabinoids are signaling compounds that control the activity of all bodily systems. When we lack a plant based diet our body fails to produce “endocannabinoids”. Endo, meaning inside, are cannabinoids produced by our own bodies that control the human body’s internal systems, ensuring they are homeostatic;(working at a balanced rate). Cannabinoids are named after the plant in which they were discovered. The cannabis plant provides all the essential cannabinoids the human body requires.  Because of the natural organic terpenes found in the cannabis plant, and our ability to infuse, natural organic terpenes into the process, Hempopathic products are uniquely qualified to provide a CBD product designed for medical application to specific health issues as illustrated. The infusion of natural terpenes in addition to the organic terpenes that develop naturally in the cannabis plant, satisfies the body’s requirement for a wide variety of fruit and vegetable, thereby healing the body of many ailments, afflictions, and diseases. 

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The cannabis plant has more than 500 different organic molecules that all work together to give healing effects. You can’t extract one chemical alone, such as CBD, and create a medicine. It is vital to ensure all cannabinoids and terpenes are present in the extracted essential oils because they are “synergistic”. In addition, infusing the essential oils of other fruits, flowers, and vegetables with cannabis can greatly potentiate its entourage effect. Hempopathic products have a combined 55 year experience in medical extraction and formulation. No one else can provide this confidence.

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Extremely powerful!

Extremely fast acting! helped so much with my chronic pain and insomnia!

William James / Facebook

Works Super Fast!

I can finally asleep at night from consuming this stuff, works so fast and relaxes me at night to pass out. it has tremendously allowed me to feel balanced.

Anthony / Facebook

I Wish I knew Sooner!

Its unbelievable how quickly the hemp heals all my inflamation and pain. people need to use this much more than the harmful pharmeceuticals.